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A very warm welcome to HolisticHealthRocks.com. I am so thrilled you’re here!I have lots to share with you going forward. Things are still very much work-in-progress but together with my team we’re kicking things off and will continue with gradual site updates and  improvements over the coming week and months so please do bear with us!

For now, I’ll tell you a little about how I got here.I live in London and have been a freelance management and strategy consultant for about 19 years and counting! You might at this point wonder what a management consultant like myself would have to do with running a website on holistic health concerns.Well, I happen to be passionate about the holistic approach to health as a result of my own personal protracted battle with chronic ill-health issues over a decade ago. My ill-health issues at the time were serious and defied a definitive diagnosis just because it happened rather suddenly and the symptoms were so baffling.

Now, to explain my interest in holism, health and all things related, this has been my burning passion for the past seven years. The idea for this site was berthed a couple of years ago, borne out of this past struggle with chronic ill-health. It was a terrible and grim period, quite unlike anything I had ever experienced. Even with the best medical attention, I battled with my peculiar symptoms for four years and my life seemed like a nightmare that I simply couldn’t wake up from.

I had always considered myself a strong, vibrant and health-conscious person and up until when I fell ill, had never had any reason to worry about my health. I simply assumed that my good health would always make me invulnerable to illness and I had no notion that I of all people could ever succumb to anything debilitating. However, it was during this period of a thriving happy-go-lucky career that life suddenly took a turn for the unexpectedly worse. I simply, (perhaps not so simply) one day at the office started to experience a distinct feeling of not wellness which was accompanied by strange symptoms I couldn’t even begin to fathom. I tried to dismiss the symptoms as some kind of flu or similar ailment but my symptoms rapidly got worse in the course of the afternoon to the point that I had to leave work much earlier as it was clear to me and colleagues around that I was definitely unwell. By night time I felt so strange and unwell that I knew this was no flu and as it got to midnight I decided to drive myself off to hospital. Luckily, I lived close by a hospital which was less than five minutes away.

Little did I know that this episode was to mark the beginning of the most horribly protracted period and experience of strange ill-health that I could ever have imagined. My health ‘episode’ ended up lasting about four years. These were four years of torment and as if all hell unleashed itself against my body.None of the several medical experts who attended to me during this traumatic phase one could give me a firm diagnosis because the symptoms were myriad and random in nature. I didn’t realize it at the time but the emotional trauma I suffered as a result of these mystifying symptoms, coupled with what I further had to endure in the months and years ahead was instrumental in altering my life’s focus and perspective in almost every regard. During these four years, I tried to remain brave and positive-minded throughout but in truth I was absolutely terrified at what was happening to me and my imagination ran riot with the morbid fear that death was lurking around the corner and choosing to play evil games with me first before it would decide to strike! These were the sort of thoughts I harbored that tormented me night and day as I continued to feel ill and my symptoms raged worse and worse. more…

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