About Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is a fast-paced exercise using specialized stationery bikes and focuses on building stamina and endurance done at fast-paced intervals. The cycling intensity levels can be adjusted using special controls on the bike. Each session last about 45 min to an hour and under the supervision of a qualified instructor and to some accompanying music.

The sessions focus on building strength, stamina and endurance. In between the intervals, participants spend time in recovery mode where the cycling pace slows down for a couple of minutes before accelerating the cycling pace again as instructed by the instructor.

The instructor instructs the pace and mode of the class and will guide the class through a course of routines that simulate outside riding conditions. Some of these will include hill climbs, interval training and cycling sprints. All of these routines carried out with usually high tempo music to inspire motivation and keep the class lively.  The interval simulations are designed to boost endurance and provide an intense effect cardio-workout and you can expect to burn between 500 -100 calories per session depending on intensity levels selected.  As with all fitness programmes, it is advisable to seek permission from your regular health practitioner before embarking on any strenuous health programme or activity.

Indoor cycling – static bicycle health regimen. United Kingdom

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