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Best Ways To Prevent And Treat High Cholesterol

Best Ways To Prevent And Treat High Cholesterol What Is Cholesterol? Cholesterol is a substance that is very much like wax in its appearance and texture and is located in all the cells of the human body. Good cholesterol is needed for the body to function properly and the body makes all the required cholesterol […]

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An Anatomy of Spirulina: Nature’s Perfect Food

Many of the best foods have been perfectly crafted by Mother Nature herself. They hold a variety of hidden health benefits and offer vitamins and minerals that are good for the body and for overall wellbeing. There are a few of nature’s green foods which in my humble opinion can be classed as nature’s perfect […]

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Natural Liver Detox Basics

The Natural Way To Return Your Liver To Optimal Health We live in a world that is chock full of toxins be it in the air we breathe, our food, our water… so much so that their entrance into our bodies has become unavoidable. Exposure to these toxins requires that all of the organs in […]

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Improve Your Health, Look Younger – The Infra-red Way!

I have a new addiction. This time it’s not chocolate or my favorite unhealthy dish. No, it is the rather sweet torture of holing myself up for about 40 minutes, sometimes longer, in an infra-red sauna at least thrice weekly. It is a deliciously hot feeling that I simply can’t get enough of since discovering […]

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If You’re a Male Above 40, You NEED To Read This!

I know the title of this article seems a bit partial to men but the honest truth is all the points made here apply just as much to women over 40 as it does to men over 40. I just wanted to use this article as a basis for focusing a bit on the men […]

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Nutritional Supplements – Your Way to Better Health

The ads and health professionals all say you should be taking a daily multivitamin. But where do you even start? What and who can you trust? How do you make informed choices from the millions of shiny and attractively packaged health supplements that beckon you from their shop shelves? Why should we take multivitamins? Are […]

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5 Health Concerns Men Should Never Procrastinate

Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and taking care of our emotional well being are all-important elements of living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining an optimal level of health. Medical experts and research has confirmed repeatedly that the lifestyle choices we make are crucial for healthy aging and preventing various diseases that can result in chronic […]

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Smoothies or Juicing? Its Your Choice

We have all seen tv commercials advertising some great juicing apparatus and extolling the great benefits of juicing. If like me however you can’t be bothered with all the preparation hassles this tends to involve (although some juicers are very convenient to operate), you could use a blender or food processor instead to blend your […]

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Top 20 Super foods That Will Heal Your Body

Many people don’t believe that illness can be prevented through eating healthy because it just seems too simple or even quirky.  We have been led to believe that you have little control over whether or not you develop an illness because it’s already pre-programmed in your DNA. While this may be true for some types […]

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