Do You Really Need A Cleanse/Detox Program?

Every so often, we embark on a guilt trip on account of our eating habits, lifestyle patterns and the excesses we sometimes indulge ourselves in. I refer to these as the hazards of modern living and our stressful lifestyles. Well, feeling guilty is often a way of reminding ourselves that we’re not doing the best we could and this also applies to our eating and our lifestyle habits. So, what if you knew that you could eliminate some of the guilt by getting back on track with a simple and sensible health detox? Well, I try to make it a point of duty to make up for my infrequent ingestion excesses and health detoxes are one of the many ways I do this.

There are many ‘experts’ who try to rubbish the concept of health detoxes, claiming that the body has its own inbuilt way of ridding itself of excess. I agree but only to some extent. I personally believe and certainly can attest to the fact that detox regimes (among other health lifestyle habits) are extremely beneficial for health and well-being. It makes perfect sense despite the disparagement it attracts from those within the conventional field of medicine. Well, each to their own but I trust in sensible health detoxification as long as it is undergone in a gentle and non-harmful way. 

There are loads of health detox programs to choose from and it helps to do a bit of research in order to find out which might be better suited for you. Of course, if you suffer from a chronic health condition, or are pregnant always ensure to seek advice from your regular medical practitoner before embarking on any health program. In a perfect world, the body would get rid of toxins by itself and on many levels it does have systems in place to do this. Before introducing this concept of health detox, it helps to have some understanding (if you don’t already) of its context and why many people like myself believe in the enduring health benefits of a good detox.

The liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, blood, colon, and lymphatic system are responsible for eliminating waste and fighting oxidative damage. However, the problem is that they need some help because our internal organs are easily overburdened by exposure to chemicals and toxins from what we eat and from our environment. Every day, we ingest toxins from the air, water, food and household products.

What are the dangers of chronic exposure to toxins?

Over time, toxins weaken our immune systems and natural detox mechanisms. This puts us at risk of heart disease, obesity, recurring infections, allergies, stroke, respiratory problems, indigestion, cancer, and premature aging.

So How Toxic Are You?

The toxins that build up in your system trigger a series of reactions that disrupt hormone function, immunity, and energy metabolism. These chemicals affect every system in your body, causing lethargy, fatigue, weight gain, bad breath, sleep disorders, and mood swings.

Most symptoms are non-specific, which makes diagnosis difficult. Some toxins promote tumor growth and feed cancer cells. Some affect digestion and kill healthy gut bacteria. Others increase your risk of reproductive disorders, liver stones, premature aging, stroke, and diabetes.

When your body fails to eliminate toxins, you may experience bloating, constipation, skin rashes and recurring allergies to mention a few. In the long run, these symptoms can get worse and affect your everyday life. You may not be able to focus at work, have trouble falling asleep, have frequent mood swings/increased irritability and feel sick for no obvious reason and at the very worst your body might succumb to some serious or chronic disease. I have no desire to scare you or anyone but these are the risks we face from not giving our bodies the best environment within which to thrive and be immune-boosted.

Other common signs of toxin buildup include:

• Chronic fatigue
• Body odour
• Weight gain
• Migraines and headaches
• Digestive problems
• Multiple chemical sensitivities
• Leaky gut
• Asthma attacks
• Acne breakouts
• Brain fog
• Poor sleep
• Hormonal imbalances
• Cellulite
• Dull skin
• Hair loss
• Irritability
• Depression
• Unexplained feelings of anxiety
• Memory lapses
• Runny nose
• Inflammation
• Swollen joints
• Allergies

Some people may also experience blemishes, eczema, hives, nausea, water retention, and painful joints. Toxin buildup also triggers cravings for sugar and fats but there is a simple solution to ridding your body of toxins, decreasing inflammation and keeping your system running at its optimal level.

Completing a short-term cleanse/detox program can definitely rejuvenate your mind and body. This leads to better overall health which provides a greater motivation to maintain the benefits derived and what better time to embark on a detox than at the start of a new year!

Who Can Benefit from a 3 or 5 Day Cleanse?

A three-day cleanse can help flush out toxins from your system without causing any side effects. A well designed detox plan is safe for most people and requires minimum effort. It all comes down to the detox methods used.

For instance, a cleansing plan that’s based on fresh fruits and vegetables, green smoothies, and holistic therapies can benefit everyone young or old excluding babies and young children of course who would normally not need to do a detox).

Cleansing programs that require extreme fasting, enemas, laxatives, and diuretics should be used with extreme caution and are not recommended without first seeking medical advice.

Detoxification, done the right way, is a must for those who want to look and feel healthy. Whether you’re struggling with heartburn, weight gain, food cravings, bloating, belly fat, or constipation, a detox program can help.

Be aware that eating clean is just a small part of the detox process. Toxins are also lurking in your deodorant, face cream, detergent, and cosmetics. Heaven help us all!!

Therefore, as part of your detox program (and beyond) try to limit your exposure to environmental toxins, such as those found in household products, cigarette smoke, and contaminated water. If you can, do make your own personal care products using natural ingredients, or choose organic brands. I won’t pretend to you, I have no desire to make my own products but that’s probably because I don’t know how to – yet! What I do try to do is use as many organic products as I can or at least ones that try to stay away from using harmful ingredients.

As you can see, a detox program is a necessary step to maintaining your overall health and can even be the perfect program to help you break through a weight loss plateau, a chronic or bothersome health concern. I regularly do embark on various forms of health detox programs and I rely on a good detox to redress several health imbalances I experience from time to time. So, personally, I think most of us could all do with some form of detox periodically. The workings of our internal systems are all created uniquely and you need to be sure that your body can personally withstand the detox experience, however mild. It is always wise to start off gently to assess your level of tolerance before embarking on a deeper detox. Again, it is always wise to undertake a detox under the supervision of someone qualified to guide you through the process.

More detox tips in my next post.

May good health be your wealth!
Kobi Emmanuella-King


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