Aleksandra Jagiello

Aleksandra Jagiello

Aleksandra Jagiello is a qualified Clinical Nutritionist with a holistic approach to issues of diet, nutrition and weightloss and overall lifestyle goals. Through consultations she educates, motivates and inspires people to make changes in their lifestyle to lead a healthy and balanced life. 


Her passion for nutrition in health led her to expand her expertise in diet management for diabetes, coeliac disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome and underactive thyroid conditions. 

Aleksandra works full time at a Harley street weight loss clinic in central London and also runs her own private consultations.

If you would like to manage your weight or wish to change your nutrition and lifestyle habits through informed diet choices that provide overall benefits, Aleksandra can definitiely help. Feel free to find out more about Aleksandra using the links and contact details below:




Tel: 07761894500


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