Kaz Azim

Hi all,

Its been a long time in the planning but am I thrilled to introduce Kaz Azim on HolisticHealthRocks!


 Kaz is Founder and Coach of the precision-focused body fitness and conditioning programme Integrated Movement Arts (IMA). Kaz has over 10 years experience in competitive martial arts, strength and body conditioning and sports rehabilitation. He is also an ex-professional combat athlete and an overall Human Movement Specialist.


A further bit of background for you; Kaz has a Bsc. in Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention. He is  also a NASM Advanced Personal Trainer, a Functional Range Conditioning Practitioner, a Bioforce Conditioning Coach and Biofeedback Therapist to reel off just a few of his impressive qualifications and accomplishments! 


Kaz delivers with precision and encourages his IMA students to achieve fitness levels that go far beyond a superficial approach to attaining fitness goals. When training with Kaz, you get a scientifically backed approach that supports you in achieving optimum body fitness, stamina and flexibility.


Kaz will be taking me through the rigours and discipline of his fitness coaching programme and I thought it would be a good idea to journal my progress through yet another of my self-imposed challenges. So watch this space for video clips and progress updates. For those who might wonder; though I love to keep fit, I am not by any stretch a fitness freak and I have my shameless areas of flab to prove it! I too have my lazy moments when it comes to maintaining a consistent fitness routine so I need help to keep motivated!  


I regularly do engage in various forms of fitness activities but I also have an exceedingly busy lifestyle that is by no means stress free. Long hours working in corporate-dom, four/five hour regular sleep patterns and a passion for holistic health pursuits and personal development all in turn place endless demands on my time and energies. Yes I enjoy some of the hustle and bustle involved but I sometimes end up feeling like I need a break from life itself; and no I do not mean dying!


So, I know that I need something to keep me inspired and accountable to my fitness goals which I probably would not be able to achieve on my own as I'd simply struggle with maintaining the discipline. Kaz Azim's IMA programme helps me on that path while at the same time helping me improve my overall body conditioning and fitness levels. 


I look forward to gradually reducing my self-indulgent belly bulge and achieving a more svelte and toned physique in an enjoyable and engaging way without ending up injured, fatigued or looking like I am preparing for a female body-building competition.


For further information on Kaz Azim or to find out more about his unique Integrated Movement Arts programme, please see link below. 



To your health & fitness,