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Just as Steve Jobs put a thousand songs in your wallet with the iPod, we, at My Medical eCard are placing your entire medical records in your wallet or your phone.


Our vision is to see every person carry a copy of their medical records in their wallets or phones.


I am Sadé Tolani, the founder and innovator of 'My Medical eCard'. I take pride in encouraging people to take charge of their lives, their finances, their emotions, their happiness, their freedom as well as their health and medical records.


Advances in technology and eHealth has given us tremendous advantage to take better care of our health and our selves. Applied knowledge is power.


The health industry is working hard to emulate the finance industry by giving you access to your health records, as you would, your bank statements, but the health industry still has a long way to go. The USA is working towards the year 2024 for this facility to materialise in the health sector, but it is here now with 'My Medical eCard'.


With 'My Medical eCard' you can do this yourself. You can collate and integrate your medical, dental, optical, therapeutical, holistic care, allergies, medications, vaccinations, tests, results, x-rays, scans, donor information, medico-legal documents, medical bills, blood pressure, blood sugar, health and fitness logs and much more into one credit card shaped portable device that sits in your wallet and goes everywhere with you.


You are also in charge of updating it as required. With 'My Medical eCard', you are in charge of the contents of the device.


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Take charge of your health and well-being


Using digital technologies to improve and enhance health and wellbeing.


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Live Well - Age Well ? ?


Sadé Tolani &The Medical eCard Team


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