Samson Hodin


My name is Samson Hodin. I am a conscientious and enthusiastic personal trainer committed to achieving desired results for my clients. I have been a personal trainer for over five years and have been involved in a wide range of sports since childhood. I have a Diploma in Fine Art. I also studied Sports Management, Psychology, Development, Research, and Coaching Science at university. I focus on getting the most bang for your buck by improving all areas of fitness regardless of what primary fitness goals a client may have.


I strive to build positive relationships with my clients in order to create an enjoyable workout environment where movement patterns are perfected for fast and healthy fat loss. I can also provide relevant nutritional guidance if required.


I work with clients of any shape and size and background. I love to explore music and its positive effect on health and fitness. To find out more about my personal training services please click the link


To find out more, contact me on +44 7866 893 087 or reach me by email at 


Samson Hodin