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Welcome to HolisticHealthRocks Guest Corner!

At this point, I’d like to introduce to you my first four guests:


My name is Samson Hodin. I am a conscientious and enthusiastic personal trainer committed to achieving desired results for my clients. I have been a personal trainer for over five years and have been involved in a wide range of sports since childhood. I have a Diploma in Fine Art. I also studied Sports Management, Psychology, Development, Research, and Coaching Science at university. I focus on getting the most bang for your buck by improving all areas of fitness regardless of what primary fitness goals a client may have.

Samson Hodin

I strive to build positive relationships with my clients in order to create an enjoyable workout environment where movement patterns are perfected for fast and healthy fat loss. I can also provide relevant nutritional guidance if required.

I work with clients of any shape and size and background. I love to explore music and its positive effect on health and fitness. To find out more about my personal training services please click the link

To find out more, contact me on +44 7866 893 087 or reach me by email at 

Samson Hodin


Aleksandra Jagiello

Aleksandra Jagiello is a qualified Clinical Nutritionist with a holistic approach to issues of diet, nutrition and weightloss and overall lifestyle goasl. Through consultations she educates, motivates and inspires people to make changes in their lifestyle to lead a healthy and balanced life. 

Aleksandra Jagiello

Her passion for nutrition in health led her to expand her expertise in diet management for diabetes, coeliac disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome and underactive thyroid conditions. 

Aleksandra works full time at a Harley street weight loss clinic in central London and also runs her own private consultations.

If you would like to manage your weight or wish to change your nutrition and lifestyle habits through informed diet choices that provide overall benefits, Aleksandra can definitiely help. Feel free to find out more about Aleksandra using the links and contact details below:


Tel: 07761894500

This is our maiden launch and my team and I are still working to make this site fit-for-purpose. To give you a heads-up on plans for the months ahead, we hope to regularly feature different holistic health experts who will offer their wealth of knowledge and experience on a vast range of health, wellness and fitness issues.

So, watch out for updates and drop us a line if you have any health-related topics you would like to see addressed. We will research it or better still try to get a health expert featured.

Kaz Azim:

I am delighted to introduce Kaz Azim, Founder and Coach of Integrated Movement Arts otherwise known as IMA. I am collaborating with Kaz who is coaching me through his innovative strength and fitness conditioning programme. I realised that I needed help to stay motivated with achieving my fitness goals. Kaz Azim adopts a unique approach that is second to none in the way he mentors and coaches his clients through a practical but thorough programme designed to suit your lifestyle and fitness needs. To read more about Kaz Azim and his IMA programme, please visit 

Sade Tolani:

I am delighted to introduce my good friend Sade Tolani, to this forum! Sade is Founder and Innovator of ‘My Medical eCard’ which is an exciting new concept that embraces advancements in technology to support and facilitate the digitisation of your medical records in a hassle-free way and which could even be life saver for you or a loved one!

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