How to Look Like You Live in the Gym When You Don’t!

Really? I hear you ask.

Well, that may be a bit of a stretch as you will need to do some form of exercise or visit the gym a couple of times at least, but without having to work out as slavishly as you might think.

Samson Hodin

We all know regular exercise is good for us generally and so I would always encourage safe forms of regular exercise in order to support a healthy lifestyle and to help keep those chronic ailments at bay. So, if like many others, you find it tedious going to the gym regularly or you simply can’t find the time to visit the gym regularly then try doing some home-based exercises, go on frequent brisk walks and incorporate some of these tips (they’re not exhaustive) to keep you looking as if you are a gym freak, (well almost) but you catch my drift!

So here are a few top cheat tips:

  1. Wait until hungry before eating a home cooked meal. 1. Wait until hungry before eating a home cooked meal. 
  2. Eat slowly and stop eating as soon as you feel full.
  3. Always have small to medium sized helpings instead of huge portion sizes.
  4. Always steam, oven bake, or pan fry if cooking and only cook with avocado, extra virgin olive, coconut, macadamia nut, tiger nut oils. Use organic produce, butter, grass-fed beef, organic ghee and water
  5. To ensure you’re not dehydrated, have a big glass of water with 2 tsp unpasteurised apple cider vinegar and wait 30 mins before opting for a meal. 
  6. Eliminate: oats, rice, wheat, low fat products, processed foods, sugar, fizzy/sugary drinks, alcohol and cigarettes. 
  7. Do strength training about twice a week and take part in fun physical activity on other days e.g. Dance exercise, swimming, martial arts or some other similar activity. 
  8. Walk everywhere! 
  9. Don’t use gym machines except treadmills for hill sprints, rowers for row sprints, upright bikes for bike sprints and cable machines for standing trunk rotations. In addition to these, you should try and include deadlifts, squats, lunges, pull ups, push ups, overhead presses, jumps/plyometrics, pilates, sport and yoga.
  10. Get yourself some resistance bands to use for a few minutes at least once a day, better still, several times during the day. Resistance bands can be uses in a variety of ways and are great for achieving great overall muscle tone and strength conditioning. 
  11. Surround yourself with hard working people, especially intelligent, physical ones. Why? Well, because these sorts of people keep you motivated and we all could do with high motivation levels to help us face our challenges.
  12. Go outside as much as possible but don’t get sunburnt and always remember to apply good sunscreen!
  13. Drink about two and half litres of water daily but not all in one go unless you are a blue whale!
  14. Wear tight black clothing as it makes you look leaner!

Ok, that’s as much as I can list for now. More tips in my next post soon. If you have any questions or for email me at: or call me: +44 7866 893 087

Samson Hodin

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