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Kobi Emmanuella-King

About Kobi Emmanuella-King

Kobi Emmanuella-King is a UK-based independent senior management & strategy consultant by profession who developed a passion for alternative and holistic health, well-being and fitness concepts after a long battle with chronic illness using conventional medicine for years yielded no positive results. The road to recovery finally came through a persistency of conviction in the fact that every situation of adversity and challenge in life has a solution that is only waiting to be discovered, however elusive this discovery might prove.

Health challenges were obviously no exemption and Kobi embarked on a quest to find a solution to the myriad health issues she was beset with over the best part of four years. This phase of her life was what indeed launched her passion for holistic health pursuits and gave her a greater sense of purpose to use her experience to serve the needs of others in similar situations of challenge. To read Kobi’s full story, please see the About Me section.

Kobi is the founder of www.HolisticHealthRocks.com, a site she recently set up as a reflection of her passion to offer holistic insights and encourage holistic living from a non-judgmental perspective. As a management consultant with an alternative passion, Kobi has spent the last eight years developing an impressive level of knowledge on holistic and alternative lifestyle pursuits. She has used herself on many occasions as a ‘guinea pig’ to test out some of the various holistic health therapies an also to determine for herself the veracity of some of the typical claims that come with such concepts.

Kobi has a voracious appetite for knowledge and engages in extensive research covering the most advanced methods in holistic and alternative health pursuits. One of her thriving passions within this area is the concept of Anti-aging. Kobi has written a few online ebooks on holistic well-being and on anti-aging and continues to engage in ongoing research to support her further writings. Her latest ebook is entitled: ‘Anti-Aging and You’ (Staying Younger for Longer).

Kobi ardently champions the belief that we can literally turn back the hands of time if we knew how and through her years of research and experimentation with anti-aging concepts Kobi has developed her own anti-aging lifestyle protocol which she will be sharing in later editions of her Anti-aging ebooks. Kobi has a multidimensional life vision and sees herself as a ‘passionista’ of life, a self as well as a ‘soul mentor’ among other qualities. In everything she believes, Kobi applies herself with undeniable heart and passion and an infectious vibrancy. In this vein she set up www.kobiemmanuella-king.com; a personal site that is an extension of a desire to use her God-given inspiration to stir up passion, purpose and vision in as many who engage with her through her own life transforming journey of self-quest, self-evolution and ultimate self-transformation!

Kobi can be contacted by email at info@holistichealthrocks.com. You may also connect with Kobi through her social media profiles:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Holistic-Health-Rocks-1120822691332588/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisishhrocks

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