My New Year Melodrama!

Hi, dear holistic health fan! 

Thanks you so much for sparing time to read through this. I hope you find it warm and welcoming because that’s exactly how I intend for it to be.  I also hope you’re enjoying the not-so-new year, so far! I can’t get over the pace at which this year like every other year since I became a full-fledged adult seems to just sprint by. Scary! 

My New Year Melodrama! 

Well for me, the year got off to a rather dramatically discouraging start with me falling quite unexpectedly ill on New Year ’s Day. I had been perfectly alright on New Year ’s Eve and even ushered the new year in with great fanfare and celebration and in absolutely joyous spirits with friends and family in church (what could be better I asked)!  After church celebrations with all the celebratory hugging, jumping for joy, fireworks and yet more hugging rituals observed, it was off  to continue with the home based celebration and relaxation where in the company of loved friends and family we chilled and just enjoyed the experience of welcoming in yet another new year. 

Of course the various social media platforms were abuzz with the weight and volume of congratulatory messages being sent back and forth. Phone calls to friends and family in far flung places all wishing and praying the best for the New Year. All courtesies observed, I finally crawled off to bed in the wee hours of New Year’s dayonly to wake up mid-morning about 10.30am feeling distinctly unwell. I hadn’t done anything the night before other than give in to half a glass of wine if that and some nibbles because I had been determined to leave my stomach free for the actual new year’s day food feast. 

Anyway, I woke up feeling really awful and before long it was clear I was not going to have a good day. As the day progressed, I became increasingly unwell to the point that I could hardly move or talk. Such was my agony that I even had difficulty breathing because every intake of breath further exaggerated my pain. By this time, I thought I was perhaps going to die mysteriously on New Year’s Day for some reason I couldn’t fathom. Not wanting to cause inconvenience to family around at the time, I resisted attempts to take off to hospital but the situation got so bad that the ambulance had to be called several hours later as my breathing became quite laboured by which time I was inwardly having a conversation with God by trying to make him feel guilty for allowing me die on New year’s day.

Just a few hours prior, I had been in church thanking this same God for sparing my life, my health and the life of my loved ones and also giving me a new leash in so many ways etc. I had sung praises and danced in church and promised him that by His grace I would be a better person this year. Surely, that had to count for something! I inwardly groaned in despair. I told God he was breaking my heart and that I was dying as much of a broken heart as I was from whatever ailment was obviously killing me on New Year’s Day.

At this point I was already committing my spirit to God and wondering how he could let me die like this. I imagined how the story would be told and I wept even more as I thought about it. My thoughts became even more dramatically morbid as I began to imagine myself as some sort of a victim of God’s ‘unreliability’. As far as was concerned, God was breaking my heart and so in dejection, I was ‘surrendering’ to his sovereign decision to be so unfair to me. Now, all this was going on in my head and so by this time I had whipped myself into such an internal frenzy of misery that the tears I shed were no longer of just physical pain but heart pain as I imagined that God was allowing me die on New Year’s day after I had spent time in church praying for the opposite! What a betrayal of trust! I would never do that to him I said within my heart but if he wanted me to die then so be it.

At this point I was feeling both pious and sulky at the same time which is a rather horrible combination of emotions to be dealing with as I also battled my severe pain. Oh God, I thought; even Jesus would feel sorry for me if he wasn’t too busy attending to someone else’s problems somewhere on the earth! Anyway, by this time the ambulance were on their way and in less than 10 mins had attended at my home. This was about past 11pm and I was totally drained from the pain and from my inner conflict with this ‘aloof’ God that wanted to kill me on New Year’s Day, as if I didn’t have enough problems already! The ambulance staffwhen they arrived,took my mind off my ranting inner turmoil and focused on getting to the bottom of my inexplicable agony. I was prodded and poked and subjected to several tests to try and establish the cause of my pain. All the tests proved normal except for an irregular heart rhythm which under the circumstances at the time was understandable (and especially also as I was preparing myself to give up the ghost)!

Anyway, to cut a rather long story just a bit shorter, it eventually transpired that I had caught a rather nasty gastro intestinal bug or virus which they told me could be quite a painful experience. The ambulance offered to take me into hospital so that my pain could be monitored but I declined once I realised that God was not in any conspiracy to kill me and that I would indeed recover from this episode. With that very matter-of-factly explanation for why my new year’s day had imploded as it had, I was forced to eat humble pie, so after my pain subsided the following day, I had to ask God’s forgiveness and tried to make him understand that I never meant all the hurtful things I’d said to His face or to be more accurate, to His hearing!

Well thankfully, He didn’t send a bolt of thunder and lightning to smite me in His holy anger for daring to accuse Him wrongly. He took it on the chin and I must say I commend Him for being so patient as it certainly was not the first time I had lashed out at Him like a deranged housewife over something that turned out to be quite trivial in the universal scheme and order of things. It’s been over three months now and I am still here. Of course it took me quite a good few weeks to fully recover as the whole ill health recurrence had taken a bit of a toll on me. 

Looking back, I realise I was stressed and overworked for quite a few months leading up to Christmas. I had done quite a lot of travelling in the preceding months, insufficient sleep and juggling too many commitments and so it was inevitable that my rather hectic lifestyle would be forced to give way to the successive bouts of colds, flu and eventually a nasty viral bug that my body eventually succumbed to.

In my next update, I’ll tell you how I turbo-charged my immunity to get me back on track.  

So, What’s New? is all about offering you health related content and products on a wide range of health, beauty and anti-aging issues. The list may well become near endless! I work with a small team who are committed to ensuring that the concept grows and expands to meet all the aspirations we have for it. It will take some time to put things in place but at least we’ve made a start! My greatest challenge is time to research and to write as I also have to do the same for the sister site

So what’s new? Well, this year, rather than resolving (as I don’t believe in making new year resolutions for In my experience they just jinx things up), I decided I would no longer be a slave to wearing make-up and always giving in to the need to slap all sorts on my face in a bid for elusive ‘beauty’.  I am not saying that I don’t or won’t wear make-up but that most of the time now I wear the barest make-up and often noneat all. So far, I am happy to say that I have kept pretty much to this new habit. For one who for so long was unable to even brush my teeth without having some form of make up on, the bare faced look is quite liberating. I call it wash and go. 

So, If you come across me on the road someday looking as bare faced and care free as  I usually do nowadays, you’ll know why and no it won’t be because I am depressed, or losing interest in life but rather that I’ve found my real face again! Wearing make up on each day simply became too much of a constraint to the face freedom I crave!

Introducing My Latest Ebook–‘Anti-Aging and You’

 I am happy to announce that my latest ebook on Anti-aging (‘Anti-Aging and You’) is now available for free download! Please click the link to access. This is the first edition in a planned series of ebooks I will be writing on this topic. Hopefully before the year runs out I should have an even more exciting and detailed edition out. As I regularly maintain; whether you happen to be male or female, it is never too late to literally turn back the hands of time when it comes to staying younger for longer! You just need to know the secrets and I can tell you that while some are not so secret,others definitely are! So, please click on the link to access your free download or visit

I am passionate about natural forms of anti-aging aided by a bit of advanced science (not surgery) so I will share many more tips and secrets on how you can maintain being younger for longer. Watch out for more tips and for my next ebook on anti-aging towards the end of the year.

Introducing Kaz Azim!

I am delighted to introduce Kaz Azim, Founder and Coach of Integrated Movement Arts otherwise known as IMA. I am collaborating with Kaz who is coaching me through his innovative strength and fitness conditioning programme. I realised that I needed help to stay motivated with achieving my fitness goals. Kaz Azim adopts a unique approach that is second to none in the way he mentors and coaches his clients through a practical but thorough programme designed to suit your lifestyle and fitness needs. To read more about Kaz Azim and his IMA programme, please visit

Introducing Sade Tolani!

I am equally delighted to introduce my good friend Sade Tolani. Sade is Founder and Innovator of ‘My Medical eCard which is an exciting new concept that embraces advancements in technology to support and facilitate the digitisation of your medical records in a hassle-free way and which could even be life saver for you or a loved one! For more about Sade and ‘My Medical ecard’ concept, please visit

Natural & Organic Products Exhibition

Also, on the 2nd and 3rd of April, I attended the Natural and Organic Products Europe 2017 Exhibition which showcased at the Excel Centre in London Docklands. It was simply amazing! It ran for two days and I had the privilege of attending. I was introduced to a pretty impressive network of entrepreneurs in the organic and natural health industry from all over Europe and beyond.  I am excited about the potential collaborations that are underway. The wide range of companies in attendance showcased a most amazing array of the best of health and organic products. I was in my element! Literally like a kid in a sweet shop! I came away with bags of literature and product samples and hordes of contacts so I have my work cut out for me to test these products and find time to write about them. Well, that’s all the gist and update for now. To read more about me and how my passion for holistic health came about please. I hope to be back in touch so please sign up for my email newsletter. It’s free.  I am committed to offering you value so there is a lot of work to be done but we’re getting there and over the next few months I aim to expand and offer even more value across a wide range of holistic health and beauty sub-niches.  Till my next email, I remain – 

Always passionate about your health and mine!

Kobi Emmanuella-King


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