So, What’s New? is all about offering you health related content and products on a wide range of health, beauty and anti-aging issues. The list may well become near endless! I work with a small team who are committed to ensuring that the concept grows and expands to meet all the aspirations we have for it. It will take some time to put things in place but at least we’ve made a start! My greatest challenge is time to research and to write as I also have to do the same for the sister site

So what’s new? Well, this year, rather than resolving (as I don’t believe in making new year resolutions for In my experience they just jinx things up), I decided I would no longer be a slave to wearing make-up and always giving in to the need to slap all sorts on my face in a bid for elusive ‘beauty’. I am not saying that I don’t or won’t wear make-up but that most of the time now I wear the barest make-up and often none at all. So far, I am happy to say that I have kept pretty much to this new habit. For one who for so long was unable to even brush my teeth without having some form of make up on, the bare faced look is quite liberating. I call it wash and go.

So, If you come across me on the road someday looking as bare faced and care free as I usually do nowadays, you’ll know why and no it won’t be because I am depressed, or losing interest in life but rather that I’ve found my real face again! Wearing make up on each day simply became too much of a constraint to the face freedom I crave!

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