That Amazing Energetic Enzyme – It’s all about Metabolism

Some people stay slim no matter what they eat.  This is a disturbing truth that drives many of us mad.  It is in the genes, they say.  But, is this true?

If you want to maintain a slim physique and age well there is some obvious advice given.  First, you need to exercise… lots… and lots more.  I personally hate too much exercise except it’s the kind I enjoy like dancing and going on long walks. Second, you need to eat a low number of calories. How many of you have already switched off? How many say: but I do that and still I have curves?

Well, there is a third piece of advice that could be a game changer for all of us who struggle with weight management.  It has everything to do with an enzyme that some of us produce more than others.  This enzyme is the on-switch to our metabolism.  This enzyme is why some people can eat lots, exercise little andstill be stick-thin.

AMPK or activating protein kinase, has been explored in 7500 academic studies.  The studies suggest that this enzyme can switch on cell metabolism across, and a lack of it can switch this off.  A bonus is that it regulates all aspects of cellular function, allowing us to age well.

Yet, another fact of life is that as we age we produce less AMPK.  It will remain stimulated if we exercise regularly, otherwise it is a case of dwindling supplies.  A lack of AMPK means our body loses its anti-inflammatory power and our cells swell and we gain weight – particularly gaining visceral fat around our middle.

Are we back to the argument that you must exercise lots to maintain a youthful body? Certainly, the most effective way to stimulate AMPK production is through regular exercise.  However, this is not the only way – and there may be a way to keep your gym routine working for you – even when you sit and relax on the sofa.

AMPK has been of interest to large research organisations, such as the Diabetes Society and the Heart Foundation, as this enzyme can help with insulin resistance and the damage caused by defective cells.  These organisations have yet to find an effective way to stimulate AMPK production, though they continue to work on the problem.

Ancient herbal medicines have looked to the power or astragalus and ginseng, which have long been thought to activate the production of this enzyme.  Some scientists have decided to use modern pharmaceutical methods and ancient knowledge to concentrate those parts of these natural ingredients that stimulate AMPK production.  The result is a weight loss aid called Innoslim, which is said to allow you to lose weight with no change to your lifestyle.  Your body begins to burn fat, even as you sit on the sofa.  A man reports losing 70lbs with no other change to way he lives his life.

Understanding the role of this enzyme in our ageing process could be a revolution for those of us who struggle to maintain our bodies.  It is not realistic to expect people to suddenly find the time and ability to exercise to an extreme and eat little.  However, if there was a natural boost –

something that made the efforts we made much more powerful – then the aim to age well – keeping weight down and energy up – is within our grasp!  I must admit I haven’t ye tried Innoslim, partly because I don’t feel the need to take a weight loss aid seeing that I do exercise regularly enough though that does not translate into me being happy with my weight. I’ve definitely got my girth gain issues and working on that but not hard enough obviously but that’s another story! I’ll tell you what I am getting up to in another blog. Just for a challenge I will try Innoslim and tell you whether it worked or not.

Do consult your trusted health practitioner before embarking on any health or diet regime. 

Passionate about your health and mine, always!

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