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When You Should Do Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing may seem like something that would work for you in your daily skincare routine. The problem is you may not know when you should do skin brushing or when you should increase your skin brushing routine. You may know how to do skin brushing and what you need, but the rest can be confusing. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when you are considering adding dry skin brushing to your routine and how you need to bring it in and increase or decrease it as needed.

Extreme Dry and Flaking Skin

One of the leading reasons that people use dry skin brushing in their health routine is for extreme dry or flaking skin. The brushing helps to remove that skin and helps to form new healthy skin in its place. Though you can use ointments and lotions, these methods can actually cause the dry skin to remain and clog the pores which will decrease the amount of healthy skin that is formed and prolong the dry and flaking symptoms you are having. Dry brushing removes the dry skin, opens up the pores, and helps with circulation so that your body works with you and not against you.

Seasonal Changes

Changing of the seasons, especially in areas where there is a severe cold spell or heat spell, can cause havoc with your skin. In these situations you should consider using dry skin brushing to curb the symptoms and to stimulate your body to generate the natural skin lubrication that will facilitate skin tone, clarity and renewal. In most cases you will likely increase the dry skin brushing during colder months and decrease it during hotter months to help with the seasonal changes and in keeping with your body’s natural circulation.

Change in Exercise Routine

If you do alter your exercise routine, you may find that your skin reacts to this change. It could become very dry or it could become very oily. Each of these is a sign to you of what you need to do with your dry skin brushing routine. For example, if your skin is too dry you should increase the brushing whereas if it is too oily you should decrease it.

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