Working with Kaz Azim so far…..

Well, I tell you there is a difference between doing it your way or doing it the right way when it comes to just about anything, and working out either in the gym or outdoors is no exception!

I’ve been working with Kaz Azim for a few weeks in my bid to get physically fit in a more constructive way. As part of his IMA (Integrated Movement Arts) fitness curriculum, Kaz has already taken me through the rudiments of understanding the biomechanics of body movement and the connection between how the brain interprets our everyday movement (or lack of it) and how this determines our flexibility and resistance thresholds etc. Sounds scientific? Well I hate to disappoint you but it is, very much so! Who would have thought that though we tend to take our everyday movements for granted, our brains do not and our ability to gain optimum fitness and body conditioning may well be determined by how well we know to train (or condition) our brains, mind and body to ease us into our desired fitness levels.

Well, it may all sound a bit too academic but this is where Kaz Azim comes in. I know no other person who explains the science of biomechanics the way he does. In other words when it comes to physical training and getting the best out of your workout or training,Kaz makes you understand why you do what you do or should be doing what you don’t or can’t yet do – if that makes sense.

In the few weeks, I’ve been training with Kaz,I certainly understand my biomechanics a bit better and he certainly has taught me better and smarter work out techniques. I am learning a smarter workout, not just a hard workout that is in many ways dysfunctional and puts me at greater risk of developing back problems (which I have suffered terribly from in the past) or from developing arthritic related ailments which at my age is always a possibility!

Training with Kaz is NOT easy because his training is structured (I like that as I am too scatty when I train on my own) and follows a precision-based approach. From the few training sessions we’ve had I know already that with Kaz Azim I am in the best of hands as far as any form of body workout, fitness and conditioning regime is concerned. We will soon be doing some training videos and outdoor training sessions which I am looking forward to.

If after all that I still happen not to lose my mid bulge spread (or at least some of it) that over the past two years I have tried so hard to lose (obviously not hard enough) then don’ blame Kaz. Blame it on an incurable sweet tooth and a tendency to not follow up on all that I promised Kaz to do /or not do on the days we don’t get a chance to train together. So much for willpower!

But seriously, if you are looking for a fitness programme to join and a no frills, no nonsense fitness coach to guide you through it then Kaz Azim is your man and his IMA curriculum should be your choice You can sign up for his IMA membership programme online and better still, if you happen to live in the central London area, reach out to Kaz for some training. You’ll thank me for it someday!

To find out more about Kaz Azim’s IMA programme visit: or email me at

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